Part of our mission is to help facilitate communication amongst dancers, dance educators, and health care professionals. Please check out our resource page for the latest in achieving this. This members-only resource page includes a communication form that acts as a dancer's passport during an injury/health concern so that all three parties (dancer, dance educator, and health professional) can keep their lines of communication open so that all involved parties are aware of the dancer's injury/health concern and each person's role in the dancer's recovery.
We have also included a sheet of dance translations so that the dancer and the health care professional can speak the same language.  Lastly we have developed a tip sheet on how a dancer can discuss their injury/health concern with their dance team (dance educator, artistic director, etc.) as they navigate their recovery.

Dance Research – University of Calgary 

Are you a female dancer, between the ages of 35-60, with a diagnosed knee injury and still participating in dance? 

If so, we need you!! 

The Dr. Doyle-Baker lab is currently conducting research examining knee injuries and participation in dance. The title is: Exercise and osteoarthritis: understanding the contexts of women through sport. It is funded by Social Science Health Research Council (SSHRC) and ethics have been granted from the Conjoint Health Research Ethics Board (ethics ID: E-22728)

Participation includes:
- Completing a form regarding physical activity participation
- Completing a knee symptom questionnaire 
- Participating in an 20-30 minutes interview with a graduate student 

We are interested in understanding why dancers return to dance and have continued participation following a knee injury, as many individuals who have experienced an injury do not.  

In total, the process will take between 45-60 minutes. Interviews will be tape-recorded and coded using a softw

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Healthy Dancer Canada's mission is to be the Canadian leader in facilitating communication and collaboration between the dance community and health professionals to enhance the health and well-being of all dancers.
Our Mission
 A Canadian alliance of dancers, dance educators, and health professionals.


Healthy Dancer Canada would like to welcome and congratulate board member, Andrea Downie who is acclaimed to the position of 2015 President Elect and the following HDC members on their nominations by the board of directors for the following positions starting January 1, 2015:

Andrea Downie - 2015 President Elect
Jennifer Bezaire- Board of Directors
Chantale Lussier- Board of Directors
Caitlin McAlpine- Board of Directors and Dance Screening committee member
Sebastien Hamel- Conference Co- Chair

To learn more about our new executive and board members, please find their statement of intent by clicking on each respective name. 

We look forward to another successful year with continued growth and development across Canada in order to increase collaboration and communication within the dance community. Stay tuned for exciting news about our 2015 annual conference being held in Quebec! We hope to see
you there!


Anita Vandenberg
President 2014, The Dance Health Alliance of Canada (operating as
Healthy Dancer Canada)

Stuart Anderson
President Elect 2014, The Dance Health Alliance of Canada (operating
as Healthy Dancer Canada)

Are you a dancer, dance educator or health professional?  We offer:

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Part of our mission is to help facilitate communication amongst dancers, dance educators, and health care professionals. Please check out our Resource page for the latest in achieving this.


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​Lisa Howell, Physiotherapist for Dancers and creator of The Ballet Blog is coming to Canada! 

After running her popular 3 day teacher training program in the USA, Europe and Australia, in 2015 she will be visiting Canada, Japan and Singapore. Don't miss out on this unique workshop which will help transfor your teaching. 

The workshop includes 3 days of intense training that will teach dance teachers and health professionals how to assess individual students anatomical restrictions, and how to specifically target these with new techniques to help improve their technique as well as prevent and recover from injury. 

The content that we will explore over the 3 days includes: 

Day 1:
- Dance Assessment - Day one is spent breaking down basic ballet technique, including standing in first and fifth position, a demi plié, a tendu and a retiré and analysing the reasons why some students find these so hard to master. We then address each restriction with simple tips to help improve each students facility within the studio.
- Core Control - A new approach to structuring your core training programs that results in excellent dynamic control of the spine and helps prevent back injury

Day 2:
- Warm Up and Cool Down - Discover best way of warming up students for each particular class, as well as new techniques for Dynamic Mobilisers
- Flexibility Training - The art of improving flexibility has evolved dramatically in the last few years, and we explore ways around the restrictions that many students face, the difference between then, and effective strategies for resolving them. 
- Training Turnout and working with Hip Injuries - The entire afternoon on the second day is devoted to analysing the hip, including how to assess and improve range as well as achieve ultimate control of the supporting and gesture leg.

Day 3: 
- Common Injuries and Optimal Rehabilitation - We discuss the issues that contribute to many common injuries and essential elements of their rehabilitation program 
- Foot Control in Jumps - The slow and careful progression back to jumping after injury is essential to prevent recurrence of the original, or additional injury. 
- Spinal Mobility - any dancers struggle with achieving the extreme ranges of motion that are increasingly required in choreography in all styles of dance. We look at ways of improving spinal mobility safely in all students so that they can achieve their goals without damage to the spine. 
- Arabesques - Many students attempt to improve their arabesque by pushing the leg up, which can cause serious injury. We break down the perfect arabesque into all of its components and explore ways of developing these individually, before building back into the ultimate arabesque. 
- Q & A - We also leave time for questions and answers at the end of the session to clarify any specific challenges that teachers have been facing in the classroom.  

Also, as we know that this is an expensive time of year for everyone, we have created a special “early bird” discount for all bookings before the 1st of Jan 2015. Simply use the code earlybird20 to get 20% discount off your total, whether you are attending for 1, 2 or all 3 days. This means you can save up to $150 by booking in early!

We have set up 3 locations across Canada, so that you can attend one close to you! - BOOKINGS NOW OPEN!

1. Burlington, Ontario - Teacher Training Level 1 – 11 – 13 Feb @ Cheryl Bodrug’s Burlington Dance Company – 3295 Mainway, Burlington‎ ON‎ L7M1A6 – BOOKINGS NOW OPEN 

2. Winnipeg, Manitoba – Teacher Training Level 1 – 20 – 22 Feb @ Pilates Winnipeg – 254 Edmonton Street, Winnipeg, MB R3C 1R9 – BOOKINGS NOW OPEN 

3. Calgary, Alberta – Teacher Training Level 1 – @ Crossings Dance Studio – #217-229-153rd Avenue, SE Calgary, AB T2X 2K2 – BOOKINGS NOW OPEN

​Please click this ​for bookings and full information.

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