Part of our mission is to help facilitate communication amongst dancers, dance educators, and health care professionals. Please check out our resource page for the latest in achieving this. This members-only resource page includes a communication form that acts as a dancer's passport during an injury/health concern so that all three parties (dancer, dance educator, and health professional) can keep their lines of communication open so that all involved parties are aware of the dancer's injury/health concern and each person's role in the dancer's recovery.
We have also included a sheet of dance translations so that the dancer and the health care professional can speak the same language.  Lastly we have developed a tip sheet on how a dancer can discuss their injury/health concern with their dance team (dance educator, artistic director, etc.) as they navigate their recovery.

Dance Research – University of Calgary 

Are you a female dancer, between the ages of 35-60, with a diagnosed knee injury and still participating in dance? 

If so, we need you!! 

The Dr. Doyle-Baker lab is currently conducting research examining knee injuries and participation in dance. The title is: Exercise and osteoarthritis: understanding the contexts of women through sport. It is funded by Social Science Health Research Council (SSHRC) and ethics have been granted from the Conjoint Health Research Ethics Board (ethics ID: E-22728)

Participation includes:
- Completing a form regarding physical activity participation
- Completing a knee symptom questionnaire 
- Participating in an 20-30 minutes interview with a graduate student 

We are interested in understanding why dancers return to dance and have continued participation following a knee injury, as many individuals who have experienced an injury do not.  

In total, the process will take between 45-60 minutes. Interviews will be tape-recorded and coded using a softw

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Are you a dancer, dance educator or health professional?  We offer:

free online Directory of our members who are dancers, dance educators, dance studios and organizations dedicated to dancer's health and wellness.

An annual Conference for dancers, dance teachers and health professionals.  

free Newsletters archive including articles on dancer's health and wellness.

Part of our mission is to help facilitate communication amongst dancers, dance educators, and health care professionals. Please check out our Resource page for the latest in achieving this.


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Healthy Dancer Canada Membership and how to Get Involved on our Executive and Committees.
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Healthy Dancer Canada's mission is to be the Canadian leader in facilitating communication and collaboration between the dance community and health professionals to enhance the health and well-being of all dancers.
Our Mission
 A Canadian alliance of dancers, dance educators, and health professionals.




1. President-Elect (* must be a past or present Board Member to apply)
— Assist the President and Board of Directors to perform their duties
— Perform the duties of the President in their absence
— May execute any deeds, mortgages, bonds, or other instruments which the  
  Board of Directors has authorized to be executed

2. Board of Directors
— Responsible for the strategic direction (mission, vision) and general management of the affairs and business of HDC (operations)
— Attends annual meetings of the Board of Directors in person or via teleconferencing

3. Treasurer
— Responsible for the maintenance of adequate books of account of the Corporation
— Shall have charge and custody of all funds and securities of the Association, and be responsible for the receipt and disbursement thereof
— Perform all the duties incident to the office of Treasurer and such other duties as from time to time may be assigned by the President or the Board of Directors

4. Conference Committee
— Assist Conference Coordinator with planning and execution of our Annual Conference. For example:
Identify themes relevant to dancers’ health for the conference
Solicit and peer-review presentations submitted by dancers, dance teachers and health care professionals
Assist Conference Coordinator secure a venue, caterer, accommodations and sponsorship as needed
Assist with online registration
— Report to the Conference Coordinator and HDC President

5. Dancer Screening Committee
— Attend meetings to collect and evaluate existing screening tools
— Assist in developing a Healthy Dancer Screening tool for use in multiple settings including the dance studio/school
— Volunteer your studio/school/clinic to test our Healthy Dancer Screening tool
— Report to the Dance Screening Chair and HDC President

4. Newsletter Committee
— Assist Newsletter Editor with design and editing of our quarterly e-newsletter published the first of March, June, September and December. For example:
Identify themes relevant to dancers’ health for each newsletter
Contribute original articles for publication
Solicit and peer-review articles submitted by dancers, dance teachers and health care professionals
Identify pertinent questions associated with each newsletter for online discussion (Facebook, Twitter)
— Report to the Newsletter Chair and HDC President

5. Outreach and Accreditation Committee
— To present and communicate the initiatives of Healthy Dancer Canada, and educate the dance population on health & science matters
— To be a formal vehicle of information which promotes the growth, and membership of Healthy Dancer Canada, & provides accredited support to the dance population
  — Report to the Outreach and Accreditation Chair and HDC President

6. Communications Committee
— Provide current information regarding dance health and wellness on all social media and on website
— Facilitate ease of access of that information to all dancers, dance educators and health professional
— Facilitate forums for discussion on health related issues
— Report to Communications Committee Chair and HDC President

7. Resource Committee
— Assist in developing new resources to improve communication and collaboration among dancers, dance educators and/or health care professionals
— Annually review and, if necessary, update existing resources
— Disseminate these resources via our website (free to our members)
— Conduct a periodic needs assessment of our members, the dance community, and existing resources in order to:
i. Choose appropriate topics for new resources
ii. Evaluate the effectiveness of existing resources
  — Report to the Resource Chairs and HDC President



October 20
Call for Nominations sent via email and published online.

November 23
Nominations and candidate applications due.

December 3
Candidate biographies emailed to all members. Online voting begins.

December 31
- All officers shall be elected by the membership of HDC
- Each member is entitled one vote
- Election shall be by a majority of the members of HDC
- The term of office is one year


To complete your application please submit, by November 23, 2014 to :
— A one page resume
— A brief statement (200 words or less) on the position you seek and how you will  
  contribute to our mission to facilitate “communication and collaboration  
  between the dance community and health professionals for the health and well
  being of all dancers.”

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